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30th July
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Have you signed up for e-notify? If not, you should look into it. It’s basically the easiest way to get a select list of city-related notices e-mailed to you every day. You can sign up for as little and as much info as you want. Meeting agenda, alderman newsletters, press releases and the like are delivered directly to your inbox. Screw waiting on the media to disseminate such info! One of our favorite features is the notice of neighborhood housing violations: find out which of your neighbors are getting in trouble from the city for their crappy homes!

Anyway, courtesy of e-notify comes this notice from the city about what renters can and should do about any flood damage they have in their rental units. In short, it’s good to remember that it’s the landlord’s responsibility to make repairs (even if the landlord claims otherwise).

City notice after the jump.

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28th July
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You appreciate the Brew City Bruisers and now they appreciate you back.

If you don’t yet have plans for tonight, head on over to Washington Park for the Brew City Bruisers Appreciation Picnic. Skating and other antics around 4 p.m. and some local bands will provide tunes around 6 p.m. There will also be canoe rides given on the pond from 4 pm until 5 pm where you can glean some smarts from the Urban Ecology Center. Starting at 6 p.m. a water conservation art installation will occur on the pond. Oh, did you notice in the flyer above that there will be FREE FOOD?!? Score!

Brew City Bruisers Appreciation Picnic
Washington Park Bandshell
July 28, 2010

27th July
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Kick back, have a smoke, and read some blogs. (Photo from Wisconsin Historical Society)

This isn’t the timeliest entry of blog round-up but rather a collection of recent finds. Consider it a list of blog posts you should check out today because tomorrow they will be old news.

- A photo-rific tribute to summer in Wisconsin. [Berrylies]

- A very simple summer garden breakfast. [Image Cafe]

- Another photo-rific post: Fox River Tubing with Faythe Levine. [I was born in 1977]

- Seizure Chicken makes it easy for you to stay on top of Modern music with their July mp3 mixtape. [Seizure Chicken]

- Riverwest 24 Bike Race is this weekend. Go watch all 24 hours of it! [Express Milwaukee]

- Brady St. Festival photo gallery. [ThirdCoast Digest]

- UrbanMilwaukee makes a case for allowing street festivals to stay open until bar close. [Urban Milwaukee]

- Singer/Songwriter Jewel wrote and sang a song about Milwaukee. Part tribute, Part pandering-to-the-locals. [Express Milwaukee]

- A brief tale of 19th Century Jackasses. [Wisconsin Historical Society]

- Miller Park Drunk wants to party with you at August 29 Brewers game. [Miller Park Drunk]

- What bike-centric inspiration can we get from looking to Europe? [Over the Bars in Milwaukee]

23rd July
written by Editor

It rained and it poured.

If you are one of the lucky ones who is not stuck in a sinkhole, mourning the loss of your yearbooks, or just watching Fox 6′s live feed of the sinkhole, you should probably include helping out someone else in your weekend plans. Your neighbors need help cleaning their basements and there are tree branches all over the place. Grab some gloves and go tidy this town up! Of course, let the city deal with anything related to power lines and blown manhole covers.

The Milwaukee County Historical Society had a flooded basement and they need help moving items to new, dry boxes. They are looking for volunteers to start around 10 a.m. Saturday. Call (414) 273-8288 for more info.

And, of course, there is always financial help. German Fest vendors and the Waukesha County Fair are two high profile events that took a big financial hit by essentially closing on Thursday. The Waukesha County Fair, in particular, issued a plea asking for support to make up for yesterday’s (financial) disaster. If you go to one of these festivals, spend a little extra cash than you would normally. There, we have just rationalized your overindulgence in food and drink.

Oh, and if you didn’t get a clue yesterday, now might be a good time to considering picking up some plastic bins if you have stuff stored in your basement! Nothing like rain and backed-up poo-poo water to really screw up your old clothes and toys.

21st July
written by Editor

What are you gonna do tonight? Seriously, man. Are you gonna watch the Brewers? After last night’s game, you might not have the mental stamina. Maybe you should clear your head and get out of the house, then. See something different. Make something of your horrible life. Here are some ideas for you if doing the dishes and laundry are not on your agenda tonight.

This very small image of the lakefront was taken from the Live @ the Lakefront website which is, itself, not very large.

FILM: “Micmacs” is a French film that hasn’t really made a huge splash stateside but the reviews have been rather good. Even Mr. Dudek has given a favorable blessing. Considering this file is by the same director as “City of Lost Children” and “Amelie,” one should expect a large dose of whimsy. Final date at the Oriental Theater is Thursday.

Oriental Theater
Three showings: 4:45, 7:15, 9:45
$9.50 General Admission

MUSIC: Squeeze and The English Beat will bring their British 80s-era new wave to town tonight. Perfect for, uh…people who are into that sort of thing.

The Pabst – 8:00 p.m. – $37.50

MUSIC: Live at the Lakefront- Come down for “Puerto Rican folkmusic, Afro-Cuban rhythms, South American and Jazz sounds” played by Bahia. That’s Spanish for “Bay”- not really relevant to a lakefront show but it’s a much better sounding word than “Lago.”

Discovery World
500 N Harbor Drive
Live @ the Lakefront
5:30 – 9:00 p.m.

MISC.: Sunset Zoofari at the Zoo. Every Wednesday you can hang out at the zoo after normal hours to see the animals after they’ve quit hiding from the hot summer sun.

The Frickin’ Zoo
6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Music provided by the Love Monkeys (no way!)

LECTURE: Tonight’s installment of the North Point Lighthouse Lecture Series focuses on the October 22, 1929 wreck of the car ferry “Milwaukee” whose wreckage still lies in Lake Michigan. Brutal history. (Details – PDF)

North Point Lighthouse
2650 North Wahl Avenue
6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

20th July
written by Editor

Douglas Muszynski, a former mechanic for MPS, has been found guilty of theft in using district credit cards to buy miscellaneous car parts. His behavior was revealed by an anonymous tipster (snitches don’t always get stitches, ya know). He was sentenced to nine months in jail but the judge stayed his sentence as long as he stays out of trouble, pays restitution, and completes his community service in a timely manner. Lucky guy!

What was he going to do with random car parts but in small quantities? We couldn’t help but think he was inspired by Johnny Cash’s “One Piece at a Time” to build a Franken-vehicle! That method didn’t turn out too well for Johnny either.

16th July
written by Editor

Listen to our directions or you will be dealt with!

Sure, the Journal Sentinel and OnMilwaukee may highlight everything going on this weekend, but we here are Mucho Milwaukee take a few moments to filter through the crap and then in turn dictate to you, the reader, what you should do this weekend. Think of us as a demanding concierge. So, with that said, here is your agenda. Report back on Monday and, if you have not done everything, you have failed and will be punished accordingly. Cheers!

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: It’s WMSE’s Radio Summer Camp weekend and there are tons of shows at venues across town. Big names, not-so-big names, and local acts show their stuff in this music festival that really impressed usually-grumpy indie music fans last summer. One of the more interesting venue participants is Sugar Maple in Bayview. The craft beer bar plays host to shows on Friday and Saturday nights. See here for a list of bands playing. One thing is guaranteed: you will not find a better beer selection at any of the other participating venues!

Sunday: Iron Cupcake Milwaukee madness has really taken off. Their last event got a media blitz like bakery has not seen in recent years and it seems like everyone is now on the Iron Cupcake bandwagon. Evidence: look at the flyer for Sunday’s event.

Lookit all the names of sponsors, participants, and benefactors! Any more names get added and it will start to look like a list of movie credits. So, go there now while it’s hot, superstar.

All weekend: Oh, yeah…it’s Festa Italiana weekend! Try to stop by there at some point for some good eats and people-watching. Also, take our advice and try to find Dick Contino, dubbed “The World’s Greatest Accordionist!” You can’t mess with a claim like that. Look for him putting on shows every day at 3:00 and 6:00. Get more accordion in your life!

So, there…that’s not too much, is it? Do you think you can fit a whopping THREE activities amongst sleeping, avoiding your parents’ phone calls, and listening to Mel Gibson recordings?

13th July
written by Editor

This chap may have more company on the road soon. (Photo from the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin)

The Milwaukee by Bike 2010 Bicycle Master Plan has been drafted and now is up for public review. Now’s your chance to contribute to improving bicycle traffic (as well as traffic of the car and pedestrian variety) in our great city. In general the plan provides an outline for how bike lanes and bike boulevards can best be implemented into our current road traffic scheme. Input from the public will be accepted via various means including a public meeting tomorrow (July 14).

To see the plan and learn how you can help, steer yourself to: Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin 2010 Milwaukee Bike Plan

The exceptional bike blog, Over the Bars in Milwaukee, provides much insight on the plan. If you want to read comments of your boneheaded neighbors (or those who don’t even live or work in Milwaukee), here’s the Journal Sentinel’s report.

13th July
written by Editor

The Rhythm Chicken brings you the ruckus. You bring him Pabst.

A hungover Monday meant it was someone else’s responsibility to do report on the world’s happening. Here is the best they could do.

- Wisconsin treasure, the Rhythm Chicken, makes an appearance in Milwaukee over the weekend. Brief video evidence exists. [Faythe Levine]

- A gallery of photos highlighting good uses of Cream City Brick [Urban Milwaukee]

- Two-minute video visits Kopp’s to talk custard. No one gets called a smart-ass. [ThirdCoast Digest]

- “There’s a New Berlin Wall taking shape.” [The Political Environment]

- A bike trip to Bradford Beach. [Over the Bars in Milwaukee]

- Assuming he doesn’t get traded, can we expect a strong second half from Corey Hart? [The Brewers Bar]

9th July
written by Editor

Milwaukee's current 10 most wanted. Click to embiggen.

When was the last time you did some amateur law enforcement? Perhaps this weekend is the time for you to be on the lookout for the 10 folks that the MPD wants to capture most. Most of the crimes are severe enough that the suspects have probably fled town and you won’t run into them hanging out at Bastille Days. Still, you never know- maybe you can take down a perp!

Source: Milwaukee Police Department

9th July
written by Editor
Maybe your band's crappy van will inspire a book, too.

Maybe your band’s crappy van will inspire a book, too.

Here’s what’s happening lately:

- A band’s van kicks the bucket. A loving tribute follows. [ThirdCoast Digest]

- Building a stronger Milwaukee biking community. [Over the Bars in Milwaukee]

- Mucho Milwaukee advocates DEET in all its forms. If you prefer prefer crunchier methods of mosquito repelling, here are some tips. [Express Milwaukee]

- Scott Walker claims he will save Wisconsin money by eliminating jobs. Jobs that are already vacant and not costing taxpayers a dime. [Uppity Wisconsin]

- A.V. Club takes a look at the Horny Goat Hideaway. [A.V. Club]

- Polka goodness begins at 5 p.m. today. [St. Helen's Annual Polka Festival]

9th July
written by Editor

Notorious Wisconsin creep, Ed Gein, is the subject of a new musical movie directed by less-notorious Wisconsinite production company, DaviesRussell. Showing at the Times Cinema Friday and Saturday, Ed Gein: The Musical promises to set the story of Ed Gein’s life of revolting compulsions to the bear. Putting Mr. Gein’s life to music may not give you something to dance to, but it surely indicates that this film will have a tongue-in-cheek perspective (but whose tongue in whose cheek?)

And if you think murder, grave-robbing, and onscreen singing all reeks of evilness, check this out: the URL for tonight’s midnight showing ends with “666″:


Times Cinema
5906 West Vliet
Fri 7/9 – 9:30, Midnight
Sat 7/10 – 4:00, 9:30, Midnight
8 dollars

8th July
written by Editor
Erie Street Plaza - totally not eerie. (Photo: Urban Milwaukee)

Erie Street Plaza - totally not eerie. (Photo: Urban Milwaukee)

It’s warm outside but people are still pounding out content for their webpages. Here are some noteworthy selections:

- A look at Erie Street Plaza. [Urban Milwaukee]

- Travel Wisconsin wants you to go golfing in Lake Geneva. It could earn you some money, even! [Travel Wisconsin]

- Hooray! There could be less road construction in 2011! Oh wait, it’s because we’re short on money. [Daily Reporter]

- Milwaukee History Lesson: A Look at Solomon Juneau: [Express Milwaukee]

- The Wisconsin Judicial Commission won’t pursue the ethics complaint against Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman. [Express Milwaukee]

- Happy Cows Drink Point? Here is photographic evidence. [Midwest Refugee]

- No telling who will even be on the Brewers in 2011, but we know we’ll get a spanky new scoreboard. [The Brewers Bar]

- And while you’re considering a trip to Miller Park, why not bring a date? [Miller Park Drunk]

- Turns out your doggie can eat local, too. Woof. [OnMilwaukee]

6th July
written by Editor

Do you have the guts to stay here?

Add two more people to the list of those too freaked out to stay at the Pfister Hotel. Two players of the visiting San Francisco Giants have reportedly decided to take up lodging somewhere besides the Pfister during their team’s stay in Milwaukee. Did Pablo Sandoval and Edgar Renteria encounter some of the legendary ghosts or were the rumors enough to chase them away? No word where they are currently staying so we can only guess. You know they still have ghosts at those modern hotels- they’re just more recently-deceased.

SF Weekly has a great round-up of this story.

Maybe a little supernatural influence will help the Brew Crew bounce back tonight after a disappointing start to the San Francisco/Milwaukee series yesterday.

1st July
written by Editor

Baby sold separately.

A press release came across the desk of the Mucho Milwaukee News Department this evening and its announcement can not be ignored. Be seen, or rather, “caught” wearing a certain Milwaukee Admirals shirt and some Admirals street teamer will give you a voucher for a free ticket. Looks like your summer wardrobe just planned itself!

Milwaukee, WI– Milwaukee Admirals will be selling “Get Caught” T-shirts at local festivals throughout the summer, including Summerfest and the Wisconsin State Fair, to give fans the chance to win free Admirals tickets.

When fans purchase this year’s “Get Caught” T-shirts they are encouraged to wear them around these local events. The Admirals Street Team will be roaming, trying to “Catch” fans wearing the bright orange paraphernalia. Each person “Caught” by an Admiral’s spotter wearing the Ads’ shirt will receive an ticket voucher for the 2010-11 season!

T-shirts can be purchased for $5 at every Admirals show that takes place at the Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram SportsZone on the Summerfest grounds. Show times are at 4 P.M. Tuesday, June 29th through Thursday, July 1st, 7 P.M. on Friday, July 2nd, and 3 P.M. on Saturday, July 3rd. Fans can also purchase their “Get Caught” T-shirt at the Admirals booth in the Wisconsin Exposition Center during State Fair hours.

The shirts are also available at the Admirals office, located at 510 W. Kilbourn Ave, in the lower level of the Milwaukee Theatre.

The Admirals will kick of the home portion of the 2010-11 campaign on Saturday, October 9. Season tickets for the 2010-11 Admirals season are on sale now for as little as $145. For more information or to order season tickets, fans should call the Admirals office at (414) 227-0550. Don’t forget to follow the Admirals on Twitter (@mkeadmirals) and on Facebook!

Yes, it’s summer and, yes, hockey is probably not occupying your mind right now but, dammit, that just means no one else will take advantage of this and your free ticket is virtually guaranteed!*

*Mucho Milwaukee does not guarantee that you will be awarded a free ticket voucher.