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27th July
written by Editor

Kick back, have a smoke, and read some blogs. (Photo from Wisconsin Historical Society)

This isn’t the timeliest entry of blog round-up but rather a collection of recent finds. Consider it a list of blog posts you should check out today because tomorrow they will be old news.

- A photo-rific tribute to summer in Wisconsin. [Berrylies]

- A very simple summer garden breakfast. [Image Cafe]

- Another photo-rific post: Fox River Tubing with Faythe Levine. [I was born in 1977]

- Seizure Chicken makes it easy for you to stay on top of Modern music with their July mp3 mixtape. [Seizure Chicken]

- Riverwest 24 Bike Race is this weekend. Go watch all 24 hours of it! [Express Milwaukee]

- Brady St. Festival photo gallery. [ThirdCoast Digest]

- UrbanMilwaukee makes a case for allowing street festivals to stay open until bar close. [Urban Milwaukee]

- Singer/Songwriter Jewel wrote and sang a song about Milwaukee. Part tribute, Part pandering-to-the-locals. [Express Milwaukee]

- A brief tale of 19th Century Jackasses. [Wisconsin Historical Society]

- Miller Park Drunk wants to party with you at August 29 Brewers game. [Miller Park Drunk]

- What bike-centric inspiration can we get from looking to Europe? [Over the Bars in Milwaukee]

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